The work

It's Pretty for You to LIE - Fantasy Game vol. 1

What is the work that constitutes an antithesis of itself?
In a physical-vocal trio for Claude Debussy’s “String Quartet”, the rock-pop of the Rolling Stones and the Celtic folk-rock of Led Zeppelin, the action of the slamming body in the shape of a woman embraces a theatrical space, one that recalls the DNA that has been encoded in Dvir and the performers over the past two years of physical research. In this new incarnation, they choose to discover other abilities of their emerging performative psyche. They explore tensions between iconic psychedelic-rock and romantic classical sounds; femininity and animalism, the act of imagery and animation. Those tensions disintegrate and deconstruct from the familiarity of the choreography and the existence between pain and pleasure, the conscious and the id, loneliness and tribalism. They are bodies in a paradox, on a journey with knowledge and experience burned into their flesh, in the face of a new performative fantasy game.

It’s Pretty for You to LIE emanates from the ongoing physical-vocal practice, language, and technique developed in Dvir’s full-length work 7 INCH OF SLAM – THE FULL BODY SOUNDSCAPE, which upholds the tension between perception vs. sensation, the embodiment of live sound and the shape of a soundscape.


The work contains graphic language.


Annabelle Dvir is an Israeli-Georgian choreographer-composer, voice artist and dance performer who researches live art through the tension between sensation and presentation, the heard and the seen. She creates extreme physical-vocal practices in pursuit of that which the act of art has to offer to the aching, bent body, wandering between agony and pleasure, coercion and independence, the individual and the tribe, unifying them in the “performance body” as visual, audial-sonoric and plastic procedures. Annabelle earned her MA and BA with Dean’s honors from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and graduated from The KELIM Choreography Program. In 2018 she received the ImPulsTanz DanceWEB scholarship and the Art Excellence Award of Holon Municipality. She had performed her work in the frame of: Tel Aviv Dance, Diver Festival, From Jaffa to Agripas Festival, International Exposure, MASH International Dance Week, Intimadance, APH Vilnius Lithuania, The Jerusalem Biennale, and more.


Choreography, Text, Vocal & Soundtrack Design
Annabelle Dvir
Creative Performers
Layil Goren, Dana Naim Hafouta, Annabelle Dvir
Claude Debussy “String Quartet in G Minor, Op.10, L.91: II”; The Rolling Stones “She’s a Rainbow”; Led Zeppelin “The Battle of Evermore”
Lighting Design
Noa Elran
Fantasy Chest
Noa Elran, Gili Godiano
Cinematographer & Video Editor
Erez Schwarzbaum
Tom Borkovsky


The work is supported by the C.A.T.A.M.O.N Residency Program, The Israeli Choreographers Association, and The School of Movement and Dance - Kiryat Hatarbut - Ness Ziona; Thanks to Halelu Dance School - Jerusalem, MASH Dance House - Jerusalem, and to Avia Bash.