The work


While moving through a labyrinth and multi-layered space, composed of sets and requisites selected from works she made over the course of twenty years, Dar traces the evaporating contents she created. The wrappings that defined the spaces in which her choreographies once existed, are present as archaeological evidence to the performances’ vanished qualities, and raises questions regarding their validity. Inventory moves between periods, vantage points and sites in which these creations are present both in the personal and the collective memory. This chaotic and fragmented act, dictated by memory’s fragility and multi-faced nature, rely on the tangibility of physical objects to decompose this body of work and weave its components into a new narrative.


This video is an excerpt of a full evening-length work.


Noa Dar is a choreographer and dancer whose rich body of work has been recognized for its originality, depth and unique language. Dar, born and raised on Kibbutz Degania, joined the Batsheva Ensemble at age 18. She relocated to NYC where she studied and performed, supported by a grant from Merce Cunningham. She returned to Israel as a founding member of the Tamar Company in Jerusalem. Before establishing her own group, Dar operated in Paris  as an independent choreographer, supported by the America-Israel foundation and the French government. Dar founded the Noa Dar Dance Group in 1993 with dancers and artists from various fields who together create an ever-evolving language, exploring relations between body, movement and observers \ participants. Her creations have been presented by leading festivals around the world and she has won many prizes, among them: the Municipality of Tel Aviv’s Rosenblum Prize for outstanding artist, Creation Prize from the Ministry of Culture for her body of work, and the National Lottery’s Landau Prize for her contribution to Israeli culture. She has created for BatSheva Ensemble, Muza Company, Be’er Sheva Theater, The Kibbutzim Chamber Orchestra, The Interdisciplinary Arena Theater and Transition Company in London. In 2006, she opened the Noa Dar Dance Studio, a home for creation, performance and practice, connecting dance with diverse communities. The company operates in the frame of the Choreographer’s Association, of which Dar was a founding member.


Choreography and Performance
Noa Dar
Musical Score and Sound Design
Elad Schneiderman
Space Design
Noa Nassie
Noa Elran
Artistic Consultant and Rehearsal Manager
Yael Venezia
Costumes, sets and props design from Noa Dar’s works
Moshik Yosifov, Atalia Ben-Menachem, Einat Nir, Avi Sechvi, Polina Adamov, Svetlana Berger, Michal Shamir, Nati Shamia Opher, and Michal Basad
Musical excerpts from Noa Dar’s Works
Avi Belleli – Clouds and Soup 2005, Uri Frost – In a black black land 2003, Tetris 2006, Israel Bright - Biting peels 1997, The Tractor’s Revenge - Nothing But 1996, Karni Postel - Home 2001, Udi Kumeran (editor) - Achilles Tendon 1999, Strange 2000
Text excerpts and dancers telling memories
Yosef El Dror, Iris Lana, Shelly Kling, Asaf Shatz, Nachshon Stein, Noa Rosenthal, Noa Shavit, Ilaya Shalit, Nir de Volff, Miki Bash, Irad Matzliah, Shlomit Fundminski, Mor Nardimon, Maya Brinner, Renana Raz, Noa Dar, Michal Mualem
Video Photographers
Ofir Ben Shimon, Daniel Pakes
Video Editor
Rotem Sudman
Tamar Lamm


"Inventory"’s production and performances were supported by the Diver Festival, the Mifal Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts, the Choreographers Association and Noa Dar Dance Group. The work premiered September 24, 2019, in the Diver Festival, Noa Dar Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel.