Rebecca Laufer & Mattheus van Rossum

The work

Maramu vl.2

Maramu vl.2 is set in a future world where turmoil has passed and a dystopian reality becomes the new normal. Two abandoned entities share the mutual experience of finding their own humanity and discovering freedom in a grim reality. Humanity must learn there is far less control in their grasp, and how easy it is to become victims of circumstance. The work looks at how we adapt and the necessity of connection. Taking inspiration from the contrast and integration of human nature and artificial intelligence, Maramu vl.2 looks at an ultimately un-human world. A projection of an alternate reality with a glimpse into an intimate space.


This video is an excerpt of a full evening-length work.


Rebecca Laufer is from New Jersey, USA. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Point Park University Conservatory, Pittsburgh. In 2015 she moved to Israel. After a ten month program with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company she moved to Tel Aviv where she worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer. She has worked on numerous projects with independent choreographers, including the Israeli Opera under the direction of Itzik Galili. She is currently dancing with Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater. Her works with Mattheus have been performed  throughout Israel and Europe. Their collaborative works have been selected twice for Curtain Up Festival in Israel and participated three times for International Exposure.

Mattheus van Rossum is from the Netherlands. He studied at the Amsterdam School of Arts and in 2015 he moved to Israel. He has danced with numerous choreographers such as Itzik Galili, Eyal Dadon, and Avshalom Pollak. His work with Rebecca Laufer has toured Israel and Europe at many festivals and theaters. They also give workshops and work together with students in various fields. They have won prizes at festivals such as the Netherlands Choreography competition and were selected finalists in the Rotterdam International Duet Competition.


Choreography and Performance
Rebecca Laufer and Mattheus van Rossum
Mattheus van Rossum
Technical Producer
Dennis van Driel
Lighting and Costume Design
Rebecca Laufer and Mattheus van Rossum
Video Director
Davids Danos
Video Editor
Davids Danos and Rebecca Laufer
Ran Yehezkel, Ton Van Til


The work was supported by RIDCC// Rotterdam which provided travel and technical support for production and filming at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg.