The work

Body #1

“And so their limbs have merged into a solid unity, there were no more two creatures – but their doubled-nature, neither a woman nor a man, is neither this, nor that; but nevertheless, this and that it is.”
– Metamorphoses, Book IV by Ovid

This video is part of a series of short works that play with the body in order to create new forms, turning the human body into abstract. All the works in the series are intended for both video and for stage.


Roni Chadash is a choreographer, performer and teacher. Since 2015, Roni has been researching her particular body language and philosophical statement, one which strongly identifies her works and way of moving. In her physical research, Roni deconstructs the body and transforms it into abstract shapes and figures, using the deconstruction of the body and moving beyond its physical limits. Roni regularly performs around the world. She has received numerous awards for her work including Israel’s Ministry of Culture award for young choreographers 2018.


Roni Chadash
Maya Schwartz and Ido Barak
Hammers by Nils Frahm
Light Design
Amir Castro
Costume Design
Reut Shaibe
Video Director
Daniel Pakes
Video Editor
Daniel Pakes
Ran Yehezkel, Gloria Matos


The work was supported by a residency at the Suzanne Dellal Centre as part of the Choreographers’ Circle and by the Israeli Ministry of Culture.