The work


evolve deals with the concept of growth, both from its scientific aspect and from its physical expression in dance. The dancers use physical exertion as a tool for development, their muscles experiencing a constant struggle through which they try to understand each other. As two distinct entities they strive for a state of union of forces in which they can realize, each separately, their power and uniqueness. It’s their strive for harmony that motivates them to move and interact in a chaotic world. The work was created during a unique residency at the Weizmann Institute of Science where Shahar Binyamini was the first artist ever invited to create at the Institute.


Shahar Binyamini is a choreographer and performer. He danced with Batsheva Dance Company from 2006-2013. In 2016, Shahar began his international choreographic path when he created FLAT for Frontier Dance Land, Singapore. Since then he has been commissioned by many international dance companies and theaters including: MENSCH for Saarländische Staattheater, Germany; LUNGS for UCLA; EMPTY3 for Ate9 and Gauthier Dance Company, Germany; PARADISO for Frontier DanceLand, Singapore; VULNER for Norrdans, Sweden; BALLROOM for Festspielhaus St. Polten, Austria; UNTITLED Hanover Ballet, Germany; and I AM for Ballet du Rhin, France. In 2013 Shahar established a research group of dancers, scientists and choreographers called TNUDA which is based in Weizmann Institute and explores the connection between science and movement.


Shahar Binyamini
Yotam Baruch, Kornelia Lech
Mica Levi
Costume Design
Shahar Binyamini, Omri Alvo
Video Director
Ami Jacobs
Video Editor
Ami Jacobs, Shahar Binyamini
Liron Weismann, Ami Jacobs


The work was supported by a residency at the Weizmann Institute of Science.