By Orly Portal

42 Minutes

48 Hours


All is movement, the call of dance, music of the body. New original music is created from the dance, the narratives, the Gnawa hymns and the songs of Sudanese slaves. Sounds of the feminine adaptation of ancient tribal ritual music (usually performed by men) together with Brazilian rhythms and Portuguese spoken word emphasize a new sense of existence and freedom. Music and vocals created by dancers generate a light glancing touch, releasing the shackles of time, culture, geography and gender. Dance and music bridge the gaps, revealing a potential to achieve equilibrium and balance everywhere and at any time. The interface surface area. The Kiss.


BEIJO is the kiss.

Swallowing me.

Stripping my naked cells.

Kissing kissers

acknowledge its existence

with a restrained urge.

A wandering heart presents itself at the right place.

My body.

Reawakening to my desire.

My kiss,

assembling my being to reveal my soul

Aware, for now…

…touched by this kiss

Orly Portal, is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, movement and voice therapist, and researcher of Moroccan folklore. She has developed a unique dance language that focuses on the body’s natural movement and gestures that respect physical and mental structures. Her creative path highlights contemporary interpretation of ancient traditions and combines elements of contemporary modern dance, contact improvisation, Feldenkrais and belly dancing.

Orly Portal
Fernando Queiroz, Mauricio Miranda, Pamela Agostini, Stephanie Cardoso, Victoria Bemfica
The Porto Alegre Dance Company Artistic Director
Paula Amazonas
Costume Design
Valentina Stets and Orly Portal
Lighting Design
Mauricio Rosa
Graphics Design
Itamar Heifetz
English Translation
Daphna Ben Yosef
Accompanying Audio (recorded and live)
R'bina, Original text by Orly Portal
Moroccan version
Reuven Abergel
Orly Portal
Music Producer
Nadav Barnea
Allah (Gnawa)
Musical Arrangement, Vocals and Krakebs
Orly Portal and Tamar Bloch
Recorded, mixed and master
Ori Winokur, The Slick studio
Baba Mimoun (Gnawa)
Musical Arrangement and Vocals
Orly Portal and Tamar Bloch
Adi Gigi
Recorded, mixed and mastered
Ori Winokur, The Slick studio
Coração do Mar by Elza Soares, Solto by Elza Soares, Desse Barama (Sudanese)
Musical Arrangement and Vocals
Orly Portal and Adi Gigi
Double Bass
Adi Gigi
Portuguese version
Niv Shaked
Cintia Bracht, Idit Nisenbaum

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