When air is still around

By Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble

50 Minutes

48 Hours


Is happiness still possible in a world that seems to be collapsing both physically and morally? In their new work, when air is still around, Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino confront themselves with body, nature, environment and their relationship. The work includes original fragments and variations from Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphonies, whose 250th birthday was celebrated all over the world in 2020. Beethoven’s works can be considered as an apotheosis and celebration of the magnificence of nature, but also of its destructive power. The 6th Symphony, also known as the Pastoral, has become a symbol of the changes in our planet and the fight to save it. With fragments of the 6th, 7th and 9th Symphonies and other musical material, Kaiser and Antonino dive into this conflictual and complex field of sensations.

Choreography and performance
Avi Kaiser Sergio Antonino
Musical direction
Florian Walter
Artistic advisor
Sally Anne Friedland
Ilia Feldshtein
L.V. Beethoven, Florian Walter, Marko Kassl, Gaetano Veloso ,Sadhguru
Costumes & Stage
Kaiser Antonino

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