1|2|3- Selection of works #1 edition

1|2|3- Selection of works #1 edition

1I2I3 is an annual program designed to give a platform to the future generation of dance makers in Israel. The program provides a framework of practical, educational, and professional resources in which the choreographers participate in master classes and mentoring sessions with artists and performing arts professionals from Israel and abroad.

The program consists of three phases, each culminating with a stage performance and providing professional opportunities. The process begins with ten makers, and after each phase, their number reduces until the end, with only three remaining.

The evening program was curated by Rino De- Pace, the artistic director of MILANoLTRE festival and is composed of 8 works- Solos and Duets by 6 artists, that took part in the #1 edition of 1|2|3, in the years 2021-22. 

The selected works-

Solos by:

Noam Fruchtlander Caspi , Dana Sapir, Nur Garabli, Tamir Golan, Lal’el Pillora
Duets by: Dana Sapir, Tamir Golan, Ron Cohen

This performance will be going on tour in Milan during the festival MILANoLTRE, in October 2022.

The program is supported by The Mifal Hapais Culture and Arts Council. 

Lighting Design: Gil Ben Zeevn, Vika Kaganovskaya, Yair Salman, Netanel Kafka, Omer Boulanger Cohen
Adaptation and Operation: Vika Kaganovskaya, Omer Boulanger Cohen
Photo: Anne-Sylvie Bonnet


Dellal Hall
60 - 80₪