International Exposure -Vertigo Dance Company – MAKOM

Vertigo Dance Company –  MAKOM

A perpetual search of a return to the place that brings us closer to ourselves

Choreographer: Noa Wertheim
Music: Ran Bagno
Lighting Design: Dani Fishof – Magenta Styling Sasson Kedem
stage Design: Zohar Shoef
Assistant choreographer | Rina Wertheim-Koren
Company manager: Sandra Brown
Dancers: Etai Peri, Sian Olles, Eden Ben Shimol, Korina Friman, Micah Aimos, Ruth Ben David, Ilan Kolubovich, Shani Licht, Theo Samsworth

Noa Wertheim, the artistic director and choreographer of the Vertigo Dance Company, was born in the United States in 1965 and grew up in Israel where she first studied dance in Netanya. After three years of military service in the developing town of Yeruham, Wertheim completed her dance studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in 1990 and, in 1992, together with Adi Shaal, founded the Vertigo Dance Company, which is based in Jerusalem and in the Vertigo Eco Art Village in the Ella Valley where she lives with Shaal and their three sons. Under the artistic direction of Wertheim, who is an Honorary Fellow of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the internationally acclaimed Vertigo Dance Company has begun its third decade with an impressive repertoire of original works choreographed by Wertheim, whose distinct dance language inspires dance students and artists by encouraging interpersonal communication and community involvement.

Dellal Hall
120 - 150₪