1I2I3 TRIO Premiere


1|2|3 is an annual choreographic development program for emerging Israeli choreographers that supports the creation of a new work. 

The program is supporting the participants in identifying and defining their artistic voice and developing compositional tools and artistic language. The program also opens and strengthens relationships between artists from different disciplines and is a springboard for international relationships. 

The program takes place over a course of a year, in three phases – Solo, Duet, Trio. The process begins with 10 chosen artists and after each phase, the choreographers are narrowed down until only three of them remain. 

Each phase ends with a performance and the offering of professional opportunities for outstanding artists, selected by an artistic panel. 


The Trio premiere will showcase 3 Solos and 3 Trios done by the artists that were chosen to continue to the third and last phase: Reches Itzhaki, Avshalom Latucha, Ophir Kunesch.

Artistic Director: Naomi Perlov | Mentoring: Yael Venezia, Naomi Perlov | Assistant to the Artistic Director: Tamir Eting | Director of Program and Production: Shimrit Golan Cohen Producer: Sheyzaf Zach | Lighting Designer: Nadav Barnea | Stage Manager: Shully Tseiger | Lighting Programmer: Yair Segal | Technicians: Dor Miller, Yoav Atzmon | Photographer: Asya Skorik | Videographer: Elie ‘PolyRock’ Haddad

Guest mentors: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz, Choreographer, Dancer, Performing Arts Curator (Spain)/ Performance Company, Liquid Loft – Chris Haring, Artistic Director, Choreographer and Andreas Berger, Musician, Composer, Sound artist (Austria)

Length: 60 min

The program was established with the support of Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts





Dellal Hall
65 - 80₪