A Good Citizen by Rami Beer



            I came into the world on the 3rd of October1957. I was brought up in Kibutz Ga'aton. I went properly to school. As to gender, I'm a man.Concerning class, I come from a good family. My name is Rami Be'er and I'm a good citizen.                        


Sound Editing  Rami Be’er, Alex Claude

Music  Laurie Anderson, Scarlatti, J. Johannsson, Son Lux, Sudden Infant, Faultline, Hilary Hahn, Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan, N. Jaar, Itzhak Levi

Senior Rehearsal Director and Assistant to the Artistic Director  Nitza Gombo

Rehearsal Director and Assistant Sound Editor  Eyal Dadon

Rehearsal Director  Shani Cohen

Narration Tristán Carter


Text from “Basta” by Robert Walser (From the book “Masquerade and other Stories” by Robert Walser, translated by Susan Bernofsky with a foreword by William H. Gass, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London)"

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