Adi Agmon Foundation Flamenco Competition – Professional Category – Second Stage

Adi Agmon Foundation Flamenco Competition – Professional Category – Second Stage

The Flamenco Competition lies at the heart of ADI Agmon Foundation from its establishment, as the legacy left by the late Adi in her own words: ”remember me by granting a scholarship to a nice young talented Israeli dancer to study in Spain”. For the late Eva Agmon, the foundation’s founder, the competition was an opportunity to nurture new talents with the same love for flamenco Adi had, and in doing so, fulfilling her dream. Throughout the years, many of the winners – in each place of the finals – traveled to Spain thanks to the financial scholarship granted by the foundation, to train professionally in flamenco and deepen their knowledge of Spanish culture. Later, they continued to develop themselves as dancers – whether soloists or in active companies in Israel – teachers and choreographers, studio owners or company directors.

In the 2023 Dias de Flamenco Festival the competition is being held for the 16th time, and will be divided into two distinct categories for the first time: the new talent competition and the professional competition. This reflects an acknowledgment to the growing quantity of dancers that dedicate themselves to flamenco in Israel, and are in different phases of their professional training. In this second stage of the professional category, the participants will perform a compulsory dance (Tangos) choreographed by Manuel Betanzos to recorded music, and an optional dance with a choreography of their choice and creation accompanied by live music. The final stage of the professional competition will take place in the Gala event of the Dias de Flamenco Festival, and will include a presentation of the optional dances of the participants selected from the second stage by the judging panel.

Artistic Director – Adi Agmon Foundation Flamenco Competition: Adva Yermiyahu
Production: Yael Tuchfeld

Accompanying Musicians:
Song: Yehuda ‘Shuky’ Shveiky Guitar: Ofir Atar
Palmas: Adi Akiva and Adva Yermiyahu
Judging Panel – Adi Agmon Foundation Flamenco Competition – Professional Category:

Mr. Manuel Liñán (Spain)
Mr. Yair Vardi (Israel)
Dr. Idit Suslik (Israel) Professional Competition
Participants: (In alphabetical order)
Elinor Alpert
Tamar Giat
Nofar Gal
Joseph Jaffe
Gaia Liberman Contini
Maya Schneiderman
Yael Zeituni



Yaron Yerushalmi Hall