Annabelle Dvir | W O M E N O F S O U N D S – CRESCENDO GOLD

The Work 

In our Rock-Dance and village chants, we return to gather and assemble more wombs for our gang of she-demons. The moment of choice, the coronation, traverses our timeline once more. Who will fight for us, for you? Welding her heart’s blood with gold, imbued with pathos, charged with pride; She will become the marrow of her bones against her own skeleton.
Here is where the songs and dances of a tale begin, initiating the vocal rituals and folklore, inspired by the eastern country of the Black Sea: Georgia, and a parallel universe originated from imagination. 

We owe this Epos to the history written in blood.


The performance will include partial nudity and graphic language

The Artist

Annabelle Dvir is an Israeli-Georgian choreographer, voice artist, live sound composer and dance performer who researches the live art, together with her ensemble W O M E N   O F   S O U N D S, through the tension between sensation and perception, the heard and the seen; Creating extreme physical-vocal practices while examining new esthetics that merge feminine reality into fantasy. Dvir Composes the embodiment of live sound and the visual shapes of alternating soundscapes in order to transform human preconceptions, emotions and inner desires.

Earned her MA and BA with Dean’s honors from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, graduated from the KELIM Center’s Choreography Program. Winner of the 2022 Minister of Culture Award and the 2018 ImPulsTanz DanceWEB scholarship Vienna. Her stage work and practice present both nationally and abroad: Germany, Croatia, Italy, Georgia, Denmark, Spain, Lithuania, Atlanta and France.



Choreography, Direction, Text, Vocal and Live Music Composition: Annabelle Dvir

Creative Performers:
Layil Goren, Noa Shaveh, Tamar Sonn, Tamar Kaminsky, Yael Schreiber, Zohar Yehieli, Annabelle Dvir

Original Live Music Composition

Bass, Electric Guitar and Harmonica: Zohar Yehieli

Drums, Cello Piano, Bass, Harmonica: Tamar Kaminsky

Saxophone, Cello, Piano and Accordion: Yael Schreiber

Georgian Doli : Annabelle Dvir

Original Instrumental Soundtrack:
Dudok, Wind and Bells – Annabelle Dvir

Stage Design: Zohar Shoef, Annabelle Dvir

Light Design: Yair Segal

Costume Design: Eran Shanny

Sound Technician: Orgad Marciano

Stage Management : Dana Shoval

Production: Annabelle Dvir | WOMEN OF SOUNDS


Supported by:

AGORA – Cité Internationale de la Danse Montpellier France; Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts; The Choreographers Circle Program 2023 of the Choreographic Institute; The School of Movement and Dance, Ness Ziona Center for Culture & Recreation; TeatrInGestAzione Company, Naples Italy and Naples Festival 2023 WHEN SIRENS HAD WINGS; The Israeli Choreographers Association; The Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Curtain Up project 2022

The work was created within the framework of Suzanne Dellal Centre residency program for the Tel Aviv Dance Festival 2023

Studio Zehava & Jack