Avshalom Pollak Dance Theatre | Moby.D

Avshalom Pollak Dance Theatre | Mobi.D

In keeping with Herman Melville’s revolutionary work “Moby Dick”, Avshalom Pollak Dance Theater in collaboration with artists Michael Faust and David Polonsky, present an unforgettable experience of an aesthetic and theatrical dance journey. multi-sensory experience that takes place in the subconscious worlds controlled by light and shadow, flickering and blending into a merge with the body, the language, words, flavors, illustrations and music.

Choreographer, Soundtrack, Light & Set design: Avshalom Pollak
Rehearsal Manager & Co-Creator: Michal Almogi Shalmon
Animation: Michael Faust, David Polonsky
Visual effects: Roiy Nitzan
Performers & Co-Creators: Zvi Fishzon, Marta-Luiza Jankowska, Mats Van Rossum, Rebecca Laufer, Hugo Olagnon, Oren Raviv, Doron Levanon, Reika Shirasaka, Patrick de han.
Costumes & Stylist: Shay Lee Nissim
Designers: Odelia Arnold, Ariel Bassan, Doron Ashkenazi, Muslin Brothers, Vautrait by yonathan Carmel

Dellal Hall
89 - 160₪