Batsheva Dance Company – Decadance #22 by Ohad Naharin Performed by The Batsheva Ensemble

“Emotional, essential, formidable” British Theatre Guide, November 2012

“Decadance is where we celebrate our repertoire, the playground in which we add or subtract and adapt pieces from our body of work. It is an opportunity to look at our work from different angles. More than anything, I love how Deca-dance allows the dancers to give their own interpretation, which is full of sublime moments.” Ohad Naharin

Ohad Naharin created Decadance in 2000 to mark the tenth anniversary of his work in Batsheva Dance Company with ten excerpts from choreographies he created for the company. Since then, every season Naharin returns with the dancers to Decadance and presents new adaptations to iconic works from his repertoire as well as new pieces, meticulously curating and editing them into a captivating collage.

Decadance embodies the possibility of a piece to remain open-ended, forever becoming, never finite. This is an invitation to revisit compositions written for the body and the company’s diverse materials, to dive into them, remix them, look at them with fresh eyes, and sense ourselves in front of them time and again, but never the same.

Performed by The Batsheva Ensemble season 2022-2023: Gili Yaniv Amodai, Adi Blumenreich, Maya Botzer Simhon, Emil Brukman, Holden Cole, Lounes Landri, Terrance Matthews, Mermoz Melchior, Roni Milatin, Kylie Miller, Dor Nahum, Sofiia Pikalova, Adi Schwarz, Ido Toledano, Naomi Turnpo, Annika Verplancke.

Apprentices: Mika Goren, Niv Kabiri, Ori Mbazbaz, Leann Reizer.

New choreographies of excerpts fromSeder (2007), Sadeh21 (2011), Yag (1996), Anaphase (1993), Naharin’s Virus (2001), Kyr (1990), Max (2007), Zachacha (1998) Lighting DesignAvi Yona Bueno (Bambi) Costume DesignRakefet Levi FittingsEri Nakamura Soundtrack Design and EditMaxim Waratt TextMaxim Waratt.

Text about the pieceShira Vitaly Music “Issa Nore” by Maxim Waratt, “Train” by Goldfrapp, “Pictures” by Ohad Fishof & Maxim Waratt, “Stones Start Spinning” by David Darling, “Verlaine: Part I: Un midi moins dix” by John Zorn, “Al Ghariba” by Khader Shama, “Riacho” by Guem, “Hava Nagila” by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, “Echad Mi Yodea” by The Tractor’s Revenge & Maxim Waratt, “Pan Sonic” by Maxim Waratt, Excerpt from “Baphomet”, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen, “Sway” by Luis Demetrio, “Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 2 in E-Flat Major” by Frederic Chpoin (performed by Arthur Rubinstein), “Asia 2001 – Psykadelia”.

World Premiere2000, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv.


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Dellal Hall
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