Bizarre dance theater troupe by Kelly Ayache | Please do not feel!

“Please don’t feel!”

A multidisciplinary art evening By Kelly Ayash

An evening of dance, theater, video art and spoken word Hosts Neta Troim in the monodrama segment and Caitlin Finkel in the Spoken Word segment

Feelings are amazing, except for bad and unpleasant feelings that disturb us, like stress, shame, despair, jealousy, low self-esteem. Better not to feel them, right? Better to silence them and feel safe, feel like everyone else.

In the performance, one-woman splits herself into two parts, her emotion and her brain. The brain demands, please don’t feel!

Choreography, direction and design: Kelly Ayache
Performing dancers: Avishag Rosenfeld and Ziv Halevi
Spoken Word: Caitlin Finkel
Dramaturgy: Neta Troim
Musician, composer: Guy Avital
Singing: Nofer Oved
Rehearsal management: Dana Marcus

Studio Ora