BODHI PROJECT dance company | Repertoire masterclass

BODHI PROJECT dance company | Repertoire Masterclass

Providing an insight into BODHI PROJECT’s repertoire of different choreographic and artistic

processes, they support the training of versatile performers through the development of dance and theatrical skills.

Masterclass led by BODHI PROJECT dancers:

Dylan Brahim Labiod, Jaeger Wilkinson and Jeanne Procureur

Contemporary class with Dylan Brahim Labiod:

Class suggests working on body capacities within the group, exploring off-axis principles, working on various coordination, body strength and floor work.

This physically focused class prepares one to deal with the coordination of energy, speed and inner calmness, based on principles of transferring weight and (not)using momentum.

This class is a physical preparation for the repertory section of the workshop, allowing participants to understand the suggested principles within the repertory.

Throughout the masterclass, the participants will discover the qualities and dynamics composed by BODHI PROJECT dancers and Apergi. Dance sections which physically deal with in-organic movement, specific body tension, qualities and musicality will be taught through conventional structures.

Sections will also contain complex coordination and work on speed and suspensions as well as fast and explosive leg-work. The clarity and precision projected in space as well as ones intensions is going to be explored and encouraged throughout the workshop.

BODHI PROJECT is considered one of the most profiled contemporary companies for young

professional dancers in Europe.

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