Castle in Time Orchestra | Gee

~ Album Launch Concert ~

Gee is a live sound sculpture for harp & computer that create a sound field that allows diving into a frozen picture. The harp is tuned to Bayat Maqam and its sound hatches from 8 loudspeakers that float a few inches from the floor, hanging on ropes from the ceiling and around the audience. The Music is moving like a thick cloud in space in a 3-dimensional way from speaker to speaker that invites a multi-sensory experience, deep listening with a sense of plenty of time. The audience is invited to sit or lie on cushions during the performance.

The piece was presented for the first time at the Israel Festival 2017 Created in a residency at the Karnaf Hall, MASH with the support of the Pais and Minhal Tarbut.

Castle in Time Orchestra is an independent contemporary large ensemble, that contains acoustic and electronic instruments that perform original music. The musicians are an integral part of the creation processes and specialize in written music and live composition. Its repertoire contains live concerts and multi-speaker sound Installations.

The Composer: Matan danced in the Batsheva Dance Company, worked with Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal, in Yasmeen Godder Dance Group, and more. Co-founder, artistic director, composer, and conductor of Castle in Time Orchestra, which performs in numerous festivals globally. Composing music for film and dance pieces performed by NDT 2 (NLD), AXIS dance company (USA), Johannes Weiland Company (GER), NSP 2 (NOR), Luzerner Theater (CHE), Heymann Brothers films, and more. Received grants from the America-Israel cultural foundation, the Israeli Lottery, the Rabinovich Foundation, Siday scholarship for musical creativity through the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music, MASH, ACUM the Israel embassy in Spain and India. Teaches movement and sound. Holds a BA in composition and music education.

Composition: Matan Daskal
Harp and collaborator: Tal Vaknin
Computer and collaborator: Asaf Meidan
Space Design: Tom Love
Soundman: Oren Cohen
Graphic Design: Dar Laor
Management: Tal Donner Rozenrot

Warm thanks: Ada Ragimov, Shalev Ne’eman, Efrat Solomon, Amit Lavie, Katherina Vasiliadis and Malu Zayon


Studio Zehava & Jack