Chrissy Nana | Hip Hop Freestyle Workshop

Class description 

Chrissy Nana | Hip Hop Freestyle Workshop

Between foundation and freestyle: We will focus on simple foundation steps and combine them with different grooves. The goal is to explore your own freestyle within the music accompanied by the hip hop foundations. 


Chrissy Nana’s dance journey began in 2005 with traditional Chinese cultural dance. From 2012 she found her way into the hip hop culture. Since then, she loves to connect her roots within her approach to hip hop and house music. “Dancing is my most natural way of expressing myself and hip hop is giving me the voice to speak and connect to others“. 


She is based in Frankfurt Germany where she is part of the Cipher Dojo family, Random Circles team and KuTaMu association. Within these organizations she helps to spread the hip hop culture to different institutions like schools, theaters and youth centers. “I believe that the values of the hip hop culture can help people with any kind of different needs. Whatever is missing, there is a place in the art of hip hop where you will feel safe.“ 


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