Compas-The Flamenco Show

n this show, flamenco wears a contemporary “suit” – out of tradition and still has a lot of respect for it. Traditional guitar and vocals are combined with electronic music and performed live on stage. The dance language of flamenco in the show is enriched in the language of other dance genres that exist in Spanish dance – Spanish folklore such as ‘Huta’, which comes from the Organization of the Organization and the Basque Country And the ESCUELA BOLERA – the Spanish classical ballet of the 17th and 18th centuries. The show consists of 4 sets, with each set dealing with a group of flamenco rhythms and receiving its own special characterization. The show presents a natural evolutionary process that deserves to take place in art. It serves the fruits of curiosity and a desire to experiment and explore. Breaking boundaries is the result. It is not the goal and is not the result of rebellion. Breaking boundaries while giving a lot of respect to tradition.

Idea, Artistic Director and choreography: Mijal Natan
Electronics: Good Wolf
Vocals and Guitar: Shuki Shviki, Ofir Atar
Dance: The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company: Mijal Natan, Yael Zeituni, Moran Ron, Ayelet Shachar, Maya Shani Planbaum
Lighting design: Yaakov Bercy
Costume Design: Veronica Schur
Marketing: Orna Gretz
Management and production: Keren Regev-Aviv

Dellal Hall
79 - 150₪