Curtain Up – Dance Premiers | Curtain 2

Ofir Yudilevitch
Hands Up 

Imogen is a British circus artist who specializes in handstands, Ofir is an Israeli dance artist who knows how to stand on his hands. The meeting between the two produces either a set of choreographic experiments or a series of circus numbers. By mixing technique and technology, Imogen and Ofir try to reimagine handstands.

Chorhogrphy: Ofir Yudilevitch
Creative performer: Imogen Huzel
Music: Tomer Baruch
Stage design: Ofer Laufer
Costume: Tamar Ben Cnaan
Dramaturgy: Yael Biegon-Citron
System Engineer: Prof Gil Yudilevitch
Mechanical design: Benny Avital, Shir Fligelman- Zickel Engineering
Electronics: Zvi Markfeld
Software Engineering: Aviehu Yudilevitch
Thank you to: Mifaal Hapais and Yasmeen Godder Comapny for their support. Thank you to Robert from Zickel Engineering for his generous and professional support. Thank you to my father for all his time, help and knowledge. Thank you to Iris Erez, Meytal Raz, Nurit Dreamer and Hilel Kogan for their creativity. Thank you to my family.

Tammy Izhaki


 Solo piece for one performer and a group of alter-egos.

A live performance of small life-performances from daily life. a journey that starts in the sixth century BC, continues to New York in the twentieth century, and ends with contemporary pop music and a huge mess.

Choreography and performance: Tammy Izhaki

Artistic partner: Ronen Izhaki

Avidan Ben Giat
How are you Dolores?

It is said that awakening is the removal of all things that prevent an awake life and freedom.  It is also said that the path to awakening is universal.  For me, the final awakening is the opening of the closed eyes.  A woman arrives in a small boat to a lonely glacier.

Chorogray: Avidan Ben giat
Creating dancer – Gilly Geva
Music: Lone Construct, Jason Lewis (subject to change)
Stage design and costumes: Avidan Ben giat
Rehearsal Management: Melanie Berson
Thanks: to Melanie Barson for everything, to Talia Weizman, Rani Abdel Hai, and my dear family.

Studio Zehava & Jack