Curtain Up – Dance Premiers | Curtain 3

Rotem Weissman 
“Goddesses, farewell. I shall see the shade you became”

The piece inspired by the prelude to “ Afternoon of a Faun”. The work refers to the iconic references drawn from the poem of Stéphane Mallarmé, the music of the composer Claude Debussy, and the ballet of Nijinsky. The work celebrates nostalgia and history, instincts, sexuality, fantasy and breaks perceptions regarding the historical impact that Nijinsky’s work from 1912 caused .

the nymphs and the fauns integrate into each other to celebrate passion, an imaginary landscape, an aesthetic world, a movement treasure that communicates in spirit with the three works. 

Choreography: Rotem Weissman
Dancers:  Ella Gil, Amit Zaretsky, Ziv Besor, Ela Pollak
Music: Tai Rona
Stage design: Adee Shmulewitz
Costume design – Reut Shaibe
Rehearsal Manager: Melanie Barson
Production: Alina Feldman
Acknowledgments: Inbal Dance Company, Márton Gláser, Barbara Eyassu- Vincze, Jadwiga Mordarska, Catarina Campo, Tamar Rosenzweig, Tom Nissim, Roi Becker, Dory Manor, Raz Mantell, Naama Manor, Tamar Honig, Tamar Tur Weissman, Ariel Weissman, Dana Rotenberg and Oded Graf.

Annabelle Dvir

D E M O N S – An Epos of Twilight Zone Calibration / The First Chapter

In our Rock Dance and Village Chant, we return to assemble and gather more wombs for our gang of Iron She-Devils. The moment of choice, the coronation, traverses our timeline once more. Who will fight for us, for you? Welding her heart’s blood with gold, imbued with pathos, charged with pride; She will become the marrow of her bones against her own skeleton.

Here is where the songs and dances of a tale flow from and initiate the vocal rituals and folklore inspired by the eastern country of the Black Coast: Georgia and a parallel universe originated from imagination.

We owe it to the history written in blood.

Choreography; Text; Vocal and Live Music Composition: Annabelle Dvir

Creative Performers: Gili Dadon, Hila Pulvermacher, Layil Goren, Noa Shaveh, Noa Keller, Tamar Sonn, Tamar Kaminsky, Yael Schreiber, Zohar Yehieli, Annabelle Dvir

Original Live Music: Bass Guitar: Zohar Yehieli, Drums: Tamar Kaminsky, Saxophone and Cello: Yael Schreiber, Dudok: Annabelle Dvir

Costume Design and Sewing: Shelly Boo

The work is being developed and supported by the Artist in Residence Program at AGORA – CITE INTERNATIONALE DE LA DANSE – Montpellier France; Supported by The School of Movement and Dance – The Ness Ziona Center for Culture & Recreation; TeatrInGestAzione Company – Naples Italy 2021; And The Israeli Choreographers Association.

Thanks: Nir Vidan, The School of Movement and Dance – The Ness Ziona Center for Culture & Recreation, Adi Daniel, The Democratic School Kanaf – The Golan Heights, Menachem Goren, Slava Gepner and the TanzFaktur team Cologne – Germany. 

Shaked Mochiach


I dream that I and two other friends are dancing in a big square,
Around us many people are sitting and looking at us.
We can’t stop reciting our stories, and the stories trap us inside them.
I am looking for a way out of the trap and see that my friends are also in the same situation.
I look at the people sitting around and observe that they also have many stories in their heads.

Suddenly the stories become a huge bird and I fly high with it. I forget what happened to me and just see a lot of similar people from above and wake up.

choreography: Shaked Mochiach
creative dancers: Michael Yalon, Somaia Mishel Shalha, Shaked Mochiach
music: Yonatan Korn
costume design: Reut Shaibe
rehearsals management: Anat Vaadia
thanks: Omer Uziel, Anat Dreamer, ‘Kalisher’ community center, Mifal Hapais for culture


Studio Zehava & Jack