Cypher Connection Jam

Cypher Connection Jam

Suzanne Dellal Centre invites for the first time in history local and international dancers of styles like hip-hop, house, breaking, popping, vogue and more for an open air jam session and exhibition battle. Punctuating the vibrant culture of urban dances as part of the centre’s new vision. 

Free entrance 


Henry Link (USA)

Member and founder of the notable Elite Force crew. He worked with Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Pet Shop Boys, Dough E Fresh, Keisha Jackson, Diana Ross, Boyz II Men, just to name a few. Since many years he is traveling the world to spread knowledge about HipHop Culture.

Orb (USA)

Member of world renowned Circle of Fire crew, Soulshifters crew & Sour Patch crew. He is a Hip-Hop /House dancer with over 20 years of experience.

Oulouy (Ivory Coast / Barcelona):

Is one of the key artists in today’s international landscape of urban dances. Born in Ivory Coast and based in Barcelona. Founder and curator of OYOFE international festival dedicated to urban dances.

(in collaboration with Africa Moment)

Chrissy Nana (Frankfurt) 

Part of the Cipher Dojo family, Random Circles team and KuTaMu association. She helps to spread the hip hop culture to different institutions like schools, theaters and youth centers.


BJ Piggo (Slovakia)

Having over 20 years of djing experience, he  pushes the boundaries of a genre and creates an atmosphere where people can be truly themselves. 

Moses Joses (Germany)

DJ, producer, dancer and radio host. As a longtime b-boy, he is deeply rooted in the hip-hop community and has been a driving force in the dance scene in Frankfurt am Main.

Aga (Israel)

Dancer and Dj that specializes in hip hop and house. Organizer and creator of different Hip-hop projects in Israel.

Exhibition battle participants:

Popping Light vs Hassan Pop (Popping)

Hagar Weizman vs Chrissy Nana (Hip Hop Freestyle)

Snow vs Orb (House)

Poter vs Tricky (Breaking)


Dani Dgyal