Dege Feder and Beta Dance Troupe – Beimasheli Rewind & Repeat

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Rewind and Repeat is based on the unique language of dance developed by Dege with Beta. It weaves elements of Ethiopian dance, which have been abstracted and reconstructed, into a contemporary composition.

Dege Feder – Choreographer, dancer, artistic director, and musician. She danced solo parts in Eskesta dance troupe and was among the founding dancers of Beta Dance Troupe. She has served as Beta’s artistic director and choreographer since 2013. She has performed in many international festivals in Germany, France, Columbia, Croatia, South Africa, USA (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago) and more. She also performed on the main stages in Israel festivals and gave workshops and masterclasses worldwide in Jacob’s Pillow Festival, the National Ethiopian Theatre, Costa Rica National Dance Company, Ohio State University , and others. Received the Israeli Minister of Culture prize for dance creators in 2018.

Choreography: Dege Feder
Performers: Mazal Demoza, Chen Mesil, Samrat Hylu, Guday Bitewuli
 Music: Frank Bretschneider

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