Dias de Flamenco Festival | Gala Event – Flamenco Competition Final & VIVA!

Dias de Flamenco Festival | Gala Event – Flamenco Competition Final & VIVA!

The first part of the festival’s gala evening will open with a presentation of the elective dances by the finalists of the professional flamenco competition’ accompanied by live music, followed by the announcement of the winners. The second part of the evening will present the main performance of the festival. ¡VIVA! – a song to the freedom of movement, where gender roles, in a codified world like flamenco, are broken with joy and enjoyment, creating new terrains that, although unexplored, are not distant. A generous and seductive performer of dizzying power, Manuel Liñán has long been praised for the showmanship and sincerity with which he breaks the rules of flamenco. ¡VIVA! features male dancers clad in traditionally female costumes, exposing the many identity expressions alive within every human body. A transformation that does not always imply a way of masking, but rather a nudity, a revelation. In a celebratory key, Liñán proposes the plurality of flamenco dance, through both its different forms and their singularity. And he does it with six bailaores-bailarines, who will be in charge of exploring and diving into this fascinating universe of flamenco queer.

Manuel Liñán Winner of the 2017 Spanish National Dance Award, Dancer/Choreographer/Director Manuel Liñán was born in Granada and studied with the legendary Manolete and Mario Maya. He choreographed shows by the National Ballet of Spain, the New Spanish Ballet, and the companies of Rafaela Carrasco and Teresa Nieto, and went on to collaborate with Daniel Doña in the show REW. In 2008, Manuel began his solo career, premiering with Tauro. Later he continued with Mundo y Aparte and Sinergia, with which he performed at Jerez Festival, where he received the 2012 New Artist Award for Dance. In 2013 he was awarded the Max Award for Performing Arts as Best Male Dancer and the Flamenco Hoy Critics Choice Award for Best Dancer. In 2014 he premiered Nómada at the Jerez Festival, displaying his gifts as an extraordinary dancer and choreographer. In 2016, he presented Reversible at the Nîmes Festival, the Flamenco Biënnale Nederland, and the Flamenco Festival of London, and also won the Critics’ Choice Award at the Jerez Festival. In 2021, he premiered his new work, Pie de Hierro and he continues to tour this work with great success nationally and internationally.7

Adi Agmon Foundation Flamenco Competition – Professional Category
Artistic Director: Adva Yermiyahu
Production: Yael Tuchfeld
Accompanying Musicians:
Song: Yehuda ‘Shuky’ Shveiky
Guitar: Ofir Atar
Palmas: Adi Akiva and Adva Yermiyahu
Judging Panel: Mr. Manuel Liñán (Spain), Mr. Yair Vardi (Israel), Dr. Idit Suslik (Israel)

Cast and Credits: Direction, Choreographic Direction, and Dance: Manuel Liñán
Scene Advisor: Alberto Velasco
Dancers: Manuel Liñán, Manuel Betanzos, Jonatán Miro, Hugo López, Miguel Heredia, Víctor Martin and Yoel Ferrer
Choreographers: Manuel Liñán, Manuel Betanzos, Jonatán Miro, Hugo López, Miguel Heredia, Víctor Martin Yoel Ferrer .
Music: Francisco Vinuesa, Victor Guadiana y Kike Terron
Musical Advisors: David Carpio y Antonio Campos
Guitar: Francisco Vinuesa
Cante: David Carpio y Antonio Campos
Violín: Victor Pitarch Pronk “Guadiana”
Percussion: Kike Terrón
Light Design: Alvaro Estrada
Sound design: Enrique Cabañas
Stage manager: Octavio Romero
Costume Design: Yaiza Pinillos
Costume Fabrication: Gabi Besa, José Galván (Batas de colas)
Shoes: Arte Fyl
Characterization and Hairdressing: Mauro Gastón
Photography: MarcosGpunto
Text: Adaptation of Juego y Teoría del Duende by Federico García Lorca
Executive Producer, Management, and Distribution: Ana Carrasco, Peineta Producciones.



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