Dias de Flamenco Festival | Remangar Flamenco Company In a Special Performance of Alboreando

Remangar Flamenco Company In a Special Performance of Alboreando

In a renewed version of the show Alboreando (Dancing at Dawn), Remangar Flamenco Company invites the audience to an energetic flamenco experience that aims to awake again, and anew, in a world where music, dance and song are united more than ever. After a long period in which the world stood still, there is nothing left but to get out and submit to the “new dawn” that has arrived. 13 Remangar artists – dancers, singers and musicians – bring to the stage the rich quality that only contemporary Flamenco-Puro can offer.

Remangar Flamenco Company, artistically directed by flamenco dance duo Keren and Avner Pesach, was established in 2006 upon the couple’s return to Israel after a 10-year stay in Spain, during which they studied, trained, and performed alongside one of the most famous flamenco families in the world – Los Farrucos – and later continued their journey and performed on important stages around the world. The uniqueness of the company is evident in the original creations of music, text, and choreography, and its performances are always accompanied by live music and sound quality at the highest level, receiving praise from the critics. The company’s shows are invited to festivals (among them the Karmiel Festival and ‘Macholohet’), and to large organizations (Tel Aviv Municipality, Jerusalem Municipality and Netanya Municipality, Sal Tarbut, the Jerusalem Foundation, Ariel – Israeli Youth Movement etc.). Remangar consists of 10 artists – dancers, musicians and singers – and functions as a professional company that presents new premieres every year in the leading venues in Israel.

Artistic Direction: Keren and Avner Pesach
Musical Direction: Avner Pesach and Ilai Burla
Dance: Keren Pesach, Osharat Klein, Noy Lachman, Keren Schnur
Guest Dancers: Adi Movdat, Mijal Ben Zvi
Song: Yael Horwitz, Yehuda ‘Shuky’ Shveiky, Ofir Atar, Avner Pesach
Guitar: Ilai Burla
Flamenco Bass Guitar: Eran Horwitz
Percussion: Yuval Kaufmann
Light Design: Dani Fishof
Costume Design: Keren Pesach, Nancy Kahimker
Show Manager: Karin Lederman
PR: Karnit Bason
Photography: Yossi Zwecker


Dellal Hall
130 - 150₪