Dias de Flamenco – Original Work

Dias de Flamenco – Original Work
The ‘Original Work' project evolved as a direct continuation of the National Flamenco Competition, and Adi Agmon Foundation’s commitment to raising new generations of flamenco dancers, but also to supporting the local flamenco choreographers, and promoting original and new creations in this dance style. Towards the Days of Flamenco Festival 2022, the Foundation published a Call for New Original Flamenco Dance Works, and 4 were chosen out of all the proposals that were submitted, and they will be presented in a unique premiere in this year’s festival, which we hope to make a tradition. The chosen works display different approaches to the language of flamenco and varied artistic treatment of its elements, thus emphasizing the ability of flamenco to ‘speak’ life, people and the current moment in time.

Artistic Direction: Adva Yermiyahu
Production:yael Tuchfeld
Show Manager: Liri Septon
Lighting Design: Itamar 'Danger' Houri
Sound Design: Roy Strod
Technical Manager: Amit Paies
*Aya Kenat – Residue
Creation: Aya Kenat Dancers: Aya Kenat, Reut Harel
* Ivelisse Gonzalez – Identidad
Creation: Ivelisse Gonzalez & Pablo Ordas Dance: Ivelisse Gonzalez Drums: Pablo Ordas
* Trio Otro Flamenco – Transmisión
Choreography & Dance: Noa Franko, Inbal Barnea Wainshelboim, Lior Shem Tov
* Adi Movdat – Providencia
Creation & Dance: Adi Movdat
Singing: Mor Karbasi
Original Music & Contrabass: Gal Maestro Percussion: Daniel Dor

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall