Don Giovanni – Screened opera

This Don Juan terrifies but attracts, subjugates in desire as in terror … Mozart sublimates the adventures of one of the most famous seducers of classical literature. Don Giovanni's appetites are limitless: a woman-eater, this powerful and casual lord defies both morality and established order, mocking religion, persifing in cemeteries, and blaspheming God himself at the fatal hour. Around him, we are busy, we get irritated, we succumb … before returning to the ordinary of his daily life. The work is undoubtedly the most dramatic of the Mozart-Da Ponte trilogy. Yet, the composer subtitle dramma giocoso, joyful drama: for there is laughter in this crazy race of senses. Because Don Giovanni incarnates all the transgressions, all the desires: he terrifies but attracts, subjugates and terrifies. A fatal attraction exercised by a world without God, a believer without repentance, it symbolizes both evil and pleasure and lends itself to all analyzes: hardly has a solution been sketched that is contradicted by the following reply, By an accent  Drama giocoso in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte.

Directed by: David Marton

Musical Direction: Stefano Montanari

In participation of Philippe Sly

Soloists: Julien Behr, Antoinette Dennefeld, Eleonora Buratto, Kyle Ketelsen, Piotr Micinski, Yuka Yanagihara.

Orchestra and Chorus of Opéra de Lyon.

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall