Bangora Dance Company-Drum to Infinity

The personal story of the artist is that from personal problems, fighting, and frustrations she suddenly discovers the drum which is an instrument of power, and playing on it is perfection and preciseness mathematically, the drum becomes the subject of life and leads her to discover enlightenment and superpower that is passing through her like a tube and wash the universe around her with creation and beauty, at the same time they show her the ability to connect to the infinity and continuity of human is the life circle, in this creation, you can listen to composed parts from the book of Zohar.
Rachel Bangoura
A choreographer and a multidisciplinary West African drummer and Dancer, she became a drummer, and studied African drumming and dance in London, at the Odzido School and the Twelve Tribes of Israel organization.
During her time of studies, she performed African dance in performances by musicians from West Africa such as Ayub Ogda, S. E. Rogie, David Oladuni, Reggie Farmer, and more.
She studied and stayed in West Gambia in West Africa at Fatala, the African ballet company compound, where she met her partner, Saboula Bangoura, an African master. the two moved to Israel and settled in Pardes Hanna – Karkur and formed the Bangoura dance company there.
As a choreographer, Rachel had created about 12 different dance works on the subject of African ballet, works performed on stages such as Inbal, Suzanne Dellal, and cultural halls around the country. The works express her love for Africa and are nurtured by the vast knowledge she and her partner, Saboula Bangoura have. The two lead a company of dancers and drummers that has been operating in Israel for 20 years, coaching, creating, and teaching together in their countryside area in Karkur.

choreography , directing, outfits design and djembe : Rachel Bangoura
Music , solo djembe – Saboula Bangoura
dancers: Mali Mazal, Michal Israelstam, Yuval Razon, Neta Nagouker Cohen
musicians: Itamar Aharoni, Shiran Agison, Shahaf Leuchter

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall