Elik Niv | Mamo

“Mamo” is a revealing and brave, personal and group portrait of 8 women between the ages of 50 and 80, dealing with dreams, love, traumas, mother-daughter relationships, sexuality at an advanced age, fertility and more..The show was created during the Corona period in a research process that took about a year, and is told in a multidisciplinary way Through dance, theater, poetry, visual art and more.
The piece “Mamo” was chosen by the Inbal Ethnic Center in Tel Aviv to open its season.

Elik Niv Born in western Galilee on the northern border, an injury in the army sent me to path of physical rehabilitation and movement research & to Dance studies at the Dance Workshop in Gaston managed by Yehudit Arnon. My attraction was towards creations which involved dancers as a creation partner/researcher. In Europe I have danced with some of the leading multidisciplinary companies where I first met the mix of theater/dance/live music/visual arts in one stage piece. former Ensemble member at Berliner Schubune & present member of the Belgium Needcompany, artistic director – Jan Lauweras.

Choreographically my focuses are Multidisciplinary & painting of a research topic via their personal stories & lifes of the ensemble members. My physical research is based danc etechniques as well as any other technical opportunity which exist in the cast.

In 2021 my work with the director Juliette Navis was nominated for best work, Avignon festival.

Concept, Choreography, Direction: Elik Niv
Stage & Costume design, Artistic escort: Merav
Artistic escort: Penny Hes Yassour
Dramaturgy: Pietro Quadrino
Advice, support & organisation: Alina Zhutovsky- part of apprentice program for dancer/creators managed by Or Marin & Oran Nachum.
Special thanks: Oz Zloof : Artist and member founder of Tarbut who encourages art in the community.
Nitzan Rivlin & Kibbutz Izreal: for hosting us so kindly


Studio Zehava & Jack