Emil Khachaturian & Co – Angels Around

Emil Khachaturian

He is a creative musician, talented guitar player, and songwriter.

His works are played by many radio stations around the world and reach first place in international competitions.

Emil has played in various projects after finishing his career as a Ukrainian army officer, for the sake of his dream – to create music.

Since arriving in Israel in 2015, Emil made a huge progress on the way to his goal.

At this point he wrote a few instrumental pieces and formed his ensemble from people who are more than talented musicians and good friends – they are partners with similar musical opinions.

In the upcoming performance on 26.6 at Susan Dellal, the new musical program ""Angels around"" will be presented for the first time, which is mostly made up of instrumental works, some original songs and some ""covers"" – interpretations of popular compositions.

A combination of beautiful music, amazing ""Yerushalmi"" hall at the Suzanne Dellal Center and attentive audience wii help us to create an amazing  evening.


Emil Khachaturian – guitars, vocals

Hannah Rosen – Violin

Andrey Ilin – Guitar

Anton Turusov – Percussion


Yaron Yerushalmi Hall