Erica Rintovich |Shakti Premiere

-“This dance company is unlike anything you’ve seen before”

(Shani Tamari, Israel Hayom).

Shakti is a new creation of Erica Rintovich and the movement project.

A powerful feminine creative force in a creation that combines physical theatre, dance, art and circus.

The word Shakti is taken from Sanskrit and it is the initiative force of the spirit and represents the dynamic forces that flow in our universe.

Shakti’s energy motivates us to take action. It gives us the courage to create and manifest.

Desire is an active part within it. It’s a strong force in life that moves us forward. It is the source for all change and development.

Shakti resides within each and everyone of us.

All we need to do is reconnect with her .

This creation is inspired by the philosophy, art and traditions of the Hindu culture.

Erica Rintovich, the founder of the movement project, is a dancer, choreographer, performer and a yoga teacher. Tel Aviv university graduate, majoring in East Asian studies (BA+ MA), philosophy of science(MA) and Musicology (BA).

Graduated from Bat Dor dance school, Rina schenfeld dance theatre, The Jerusalem Academy Of Music and Dance. Holds a diploma degree from the Madrid conservatory of dance and the higher ballet school of Victor Ullate.

Founder of the “Moving being method”- a system that combines inner development together with a wide physical training.

Danced with Bat Dor dance company and the Israeli opera. Former dancer with The Siwic Project , Zurich. Worked with Philippe Saire, Jean- Philippe Guilois, Shanon Moreno, Caroline Finz, Jesica Huber. Collaborated and created with various choreographers in Spain, among them Alfonso Garcia (Madrid).

Together with dance Erica is practicing yoga since she was 11 years old. In the last couple of years she is living on the line between Israel and India and certifies yoga teachers. Together with dance and yoga she also practices movement inspired by Ido portal method.

Choreography: Erica Rintovich
Dancers co creators: Erica Rintovich , Ilana Sarah Claire Bellahsen, Keren Elnekave, Aya Degani
 Lighting design: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)
 Head of technical crew: Lior Levin
Costume design: Yasmin Wollek
Sound design: Yuval Goren
Rehearsal management: Rachel Erdos, Einat Betsalel, Ran Ben Dror
Dramaturgy: Rachel Erdos.
Artistic consultant: Osnat Elkabir
 Photography: Ascaf Avraham, Efrat Mazor
Video: Orel Betsalel Graphics: Karin Terenio Shemesh
PR: Karnit Bason
Performance management: Einat Betsalel
Production management: Erica Rintovich



Dellal Hall
110 - 140₪