Flamenco Natural – Senisllenta

Flamenco Natural – Senisllenta
By: Yossi Zabari & Sharon Saguy

The place where virtuoso flamenco and grotesque comedy meet. Through dance, music, singing, acting and lots of fluttering dresses, the story we have heard countless times becomes a crazy, rhythmic, funny and amazing show.


Play writer & director: Yossi Zabari
Choreographer & Dancer: Sharon Saguy
Dancers: Hadas Nestel, Ivelisse Gonzalez, Raphaelle Enderlin
Musicians: Yehuda Shuky Shveiky, Ofir Atar, Eti Guri
Produced by Flamenco Natural
Produced with the support of the Israeli Lottery for Culture & Arts and the Adi Foundation

Dellal Hall
90 - 110₪