Fresco Dance Company- Aftermath

Aftermath” – A new dance performance by Yoram Karmi”
Shaking between reality and illusion, between seeking warmth and fearing tomorrow

“Karmi is a master of composition, a flow that looks natural and not forced, a rich use of space”
The contemporary movement language consists of difficult and complex details, the dancers are excellent. The energetic engine accelerates, and don’t give up
Ruth Eshel Dance Diaries

“The choreography clarifies throughout the show the changing streams of consciousness that go through the dancers as well as the spectators.”
“An imaginative movement work in which a structural architecture takes shape and then a change comes and disrupts reality. This is an explosive subject for which Karmi took artistic responsibility, freedom and flow, and a broad language of movement”
Ora Brafman Rikudibur/Jerusalem Post

“Powerful and optimistic poetic body work”
megaphone – Tarbut

Choreography: Yoram Karmi
Soundtrack design and original music – Noam Halper
Lighting design: Danny Fishoff – Magenta
Costume design: Maor Zabar
Space design: Noa Biran – Talmon Biran Architecture Studio
Rehearsal management: Lotem Regev, Inbar Namirovsky (special thanks to Einat Bezalel)
Show management: Tamar Bar-Niv
Production Management: Ayala Scherzer
Photography: Efrat Mazor

Dellal Hall
110 - 140₪