Galit Liss – Blue Zone

Blue Zone, featuring an ensemble of 12 non- dancers’ women between the ages of 65-80, it explores the experience of aging through the body and movement. The performers expose the collective biography inscribed on their bodies shaped by socio-national ideas and the Zionist ethos, and simultaneously unravel it, allowing space for Eros and the private body. Blue Zone raises questions about, loyalty, identity, and home.

Blue Zone premiered in the Israel Festival 2020.

“…Liss manages to distill from the performers a rare and sought-after simplicity, an impressive skill for dancers, all the more so when it comes from a body that has attained many habits and layers over the years… ״ Ran Brown, Haaretz
“…Blue Zone is a requiem for Wall and Tower… Liss and the performers offer a more feminine and human wall, demonstrating collective solidarity driven by powerful softness…” Idit Suslik, PhD, The Contemporary Eye

Galit Liss is an independent choreographer and teacher. As part of her artistic and social agenda, Liss creates with older women who are non-dancers. Her performances focus on the physiological aesthetics of the mature body in contemporary dance and have been performed in festivals in Israel and abroad. Galit is the creator and artistic director of the school of “Gila workshops of movement and stage art for elderly women.” There she brings her unique methodology for working with the mature body. She is a graduate of the program “Artists for Social Change” at Musrara School of Photography and holds a M.Mus in arts from Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem. She is a member of the Israeli Choreographers Association.


Choreography: Galit Liss
Co-creator: Orit Gross
Creating performers: Ada Naggar, Halina Shamshins, Naomi Yahel, Nurit Limor, Orit Gross, Orna Schur, Sara Dagan, Smadar Carmon, Smadar Elad, Terry Kischinovsky, Vered Yatziv and Zipora Ram Fink
Dramaturgy: Nataly Zukerman
Music: Avi Belleli
Costumes: Maya Bash
Set: Iris Mualem
Lighting design: Rotem Elroy
Sound: Marco Tomasin Milevski
Voice guidance: Michal Oppenheim
Photographer: Eli Passi
Show manager: Noa Dar
International management and production: Alina Feldman
Video and editing: Oren Mansura
Video Mix: Marco Tomasin Milevski

The performance was made possible due to the kind support of the Israel Lottery Council for the Art, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Rabinovich Foundation, Israel Choreographers Association, Tzahala Center Tel-Aviv, Country Club Kfar Saba and Shamshins Family.


Studio Zehava & Jack