Gil Kerer / Roni Hadash | BODY #1 / SHORESH

SHORESH etting go from fantasies of collapse and delusions on abandonment. grounding. maturing. belonging.

choreography: Gil Kerer
dancer: Korina Fraiman
rehearsal director:- Alex Shmurak
Music- Fuge No.18 in G-Sharp Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach – Friedrich Guida

Premiered as part of Between Heaven and Earth Festival 2022

BODY#1 “And so their limbs have merged into a solid unity, there were no more two creatures – but their doubled-nature, neither a woman nor a man, is neither this, nor that; but nevertheless, this and that it is.” Metamorphoses, Book IV by Ovid  

Choreography: Roni Chadash
Performers: Maya Schwartz and Ido Barak

‘BODY #1’ was created with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Culture, Suzanne Dellal and the Israeli Choreographers Association




Studio Ora