Inbal Dance Company – Kiryat Gat

‘Kiryat Gat’

After ‘Susan’, Emanuel Gat’s first work for the Inbal Dance Company which premiered in the summer of 2021, Emanuel reunites with the company dancers to create the second part of three chapters, which constitute a kind of journey in time, the concrete one and its choreographic counterpart. Kiryat Gat, opens a window to a process that tries to capture the basic elements of Emanuel Gat’s choreographic work, and at the same time, to place them in the Israeli ‘here’’ on its various levels. The outsider view point of the local, so familiar, yet composed of ever-increasing parts of less and less known over the years, creates a unique dynamic that stretches the boundaries of the process, invites a lot of surprises and adds a personal touch to the work.

Inbal Dance Theatre Inbal – Dance Theatre and Ethnic Arts Center seeks to ascertain itself as a site of significant creation that encourages open and diverse cultural discourse among all groups that make Israeli society. Within this frame, we raise new questions surrounding the creation process, research and artistic dialogue on subjects of identity, ethnicity, heritage and tradition. We aim to study the past and observe the present; to reach out and allow for fresh and challenging efforts. The center opts to encourage collaborative initiatives and ongoing dialogue among themes, creators, fields and organizations. Inbal Dance Theatre was founded in 1949 Israel by Israel Prize Laureate Sara Levi-Tanai, based upon the affluent traditions of Jews from Yemenite origin. Under the artistic guidance of Levi-Tanai, Inbal has garnered 40 years of local and international acclaim. Today Inbal Dance Company continues its work alongside the Ethnic Arts Center, carrying out its age-old vision to promote and preserve the art form, whilst developing its uniqueness through research and ongoing introspective dialogue.

Choreography: Emanuel Gat
Rehearsal management: Tamar Bar Lev
Show management Dancers: Itai Meir, Eshed Weissman, Yonatan (John) Shael, Yaniv Oirach, Noam Deutsch, Noa Gronich, Cilea Marai, Romi Cohen, Roni Feigler
Costume design: Omri Alvo
lights: Emanuel Gat
Music: L.V. Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 29 in B flat flat, Opus 106 (3rd movement) Piano: Daniel Birnboim, Love of Hadassah” – Avner Gadsi. Words: Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, Music: Turkish folk, L.V. Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 32 in C minor, Opus 111 (chapter 2). Piano: Mitsuko Ushida, ‘We parted like this’ – Avner Gedsi.
Lyrics: Smadar Shir, music: Avner Gadsi
Production management: Koral Peleg
CEO and artistic director: Eldad Grupy

Dellal Hall
120 - 140₪