Inbal Dance Theater – Lechet by Mor Shani

Lechet by Mor Shani

Lechet is the third work in the trilogy Three Suggestions for Coping with Time created by choreographer Mor Shani for the Inbal troupe.

This choreographic work was conceived in the midst of the COVID Crisis and drew its inspiration from

the empty city streets left vacant for the wanderers and going-nowhere people, for the people running

in circles, and for the people who have lost their way. In this one hour of non-stop movement, the

troupe’s eight members dance the desperate human necessity to keep moving – frenzied and

passionate, exhibiting vitality at all costs and continuing to walk despite everything.      


Choreography: Mor Shani

Partners and performers: Tamara Dekel

Shahar Brenner: Noam Segal

Noam Deutsch: Eshed Weissman, Ziv Besor

Jonathan (John) Shaal

Or Saadi

Rehearsal management: Tamar Barlev

Stage design and lighting: Ofer Laufer

Music: Asid Arab live in Paris

Costume design: Omri Albo

Technical management: Assaf Ashkenazi"         

Dellal Hall