Inbal Dance Theater – Suzanne by Emanuel Gat

Inbal Dance Theater
Suzanne by Emmanuel Gat

Fifteen years since he last created a new work at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, and almost 30 years after stepping into a dance studio for the first time in the same place, Emanuel Gat returns to create with the young Israeli dancers of Inbal Dance Theater.

Suzanne offers a layered observation on time, it’s nature and the elusive manner in which it’s woven into our consciousness, through a choreographic investigation focused on the core questions and aspects of the medium – movement, space, time and the infinite ways in which they can be organized. The soundtrack is made of excerpts from a live performance by Nina Simone which, through the great art that emanated from her, opens parallel spaces in time, inviting choreographic wonder and allowing the emergence of clarity of vision and thought.  Suzanne is the result of a personal journey through time, as well as an encounter in the here and now with a new generation of local dance artists.

Emanuel Gat, one of the most influential Israeli choreographers of his generation, started dancing at age 23 at the Suzanne Dellal Centre with choreographers Liat Dror and Nir Ben-Gal.  His first work, Four Dances was presented as part of the 1994 Shades in Dance Festival, after which numerous works were presented in Israel and around the world,  establishing his unique style. In 2003, Gat received the Rosenblum award for performing arts, and the Landau prize in 2004. In 2006 Gat was awarded a “Bessie” Award for his Rite Of Spring. Gat was named chosen artist with the Israeli Excellence in Culture foundation the same year. In 2007, Gat based his company in the south of France. Since then he is regularly invited to create work for leading dance companies and has toured around the world, presenting his work in leading dance venues.

Inbal Dance Theatre and Ethnic Arts Center places itself as a site of significant creation that encourages open and diverse cultural discourse among all groups of Israeli society. Within this frame, they raise new questions surrounding the creation process, research and artistic dialogue on subjects of identity, ethnicity, heritage and tradition. They aim to study the past and observe the present; to reach out and allow for fresh and challenging efforts. The center encourages collaborative initiatives and ongoing dialogue among themes, creators, fields and organizations.

Inbal Dance Theatre was founded in 1949 by Israel Prize Laureate Sara Levi-Tanai, based upon the affluent traditions of Jews of Yemenite origin. Under the artistic guidance of Levi-Tanai, Inbal garnered 40 years of local and international acclaim. Today Inbal Dance Company continues its work alongside the Ethnic Arts Center, carrying out its vision to promote and preserve the art form, while developing its uniqueness through research and ongoing introspective dialogue.


Choreography and lighting: Emanuel Gat
Dancers: Shachar Brenner, Noam Deutsch, Or Saadi, Tamara Dekel, Ziv Besor, Eshed Weissman, Jonathan Shaal, Noam Segal
Music: Nina Simon from a live performance at the Philharmonic Hall in New York 1969
Rehearsal management: Tamar Barlev
Costumes: Omri Albo
Technical management: Assaf Ashkenazi
Photos: Emanuel Gat
CEO and Artistic Director: Eldad Grupy



Dellal Hall
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