Inbar Walter Kalfa | Alma Maria Simon & Orit Livne | Root | Birthmark

Root | Birthmark

An intimate dance performance of two independent works, dealing with the memory of the body that contained and was contained. In both works there is an examination of the recurring nourishment between inside and outside, through which the question arises as to what happens in this metabolism – what remains in the memory, what accumulates in the cells of the body and what undergoes transformation through slowing down, increasing presence, attention and connection. The two works echo the theme of motherhood in different ways and correspond with each other aesthetically and materially around the points where form and content are one entity.

Inbar Walter Kalfa; a choreographer, dancer, and teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Dance and Choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Inbar has danced with various choreographers in Israel and has staged independent dance works. Today, she is a dancer in “Etaglia” company, She founded and manages the “Sadot – Mind Your Body” program for movement, She is a Pilates rehabilitative and a dance teacher in Misgav Dance School.
Alma Maria Simon; choreographer, dancer and teacher. Graduated with a master’s degree at the Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem, PhD student at the Department of Science, Technology and Society at Bar Ilan. Founder and co-director of the program “NANA – moving from the inside to the outside”. Choreographic director of the “Swan” ensemble for people with special needs, active creator, performed with her works in Israel and abroad.
Orit Livne; painter, movement and dance teacher. Graduated from the art department in Bezalel, mother of two. Graduated from the Wingate Institute for Fitness Instructor Certification, Pilates and Gyrokinesis Teacher Certification. Active artist, exhibits in galleries throughout the country.

“Root” Choreography and performance: Inbar Walter Kalfa
Original music: Alexey Polyansky
Making rice papers: Izhar Neuman
Artistic accompaniment: Tamar Borer

“Birthmark” Choreography and performance: Alma Maria Simon and Orit Livne
Music: Shoham Sakana Menela
Costume design: Efral Lasoleu “Oma”
Artistic accompaniment: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser
Production: Eden Wiseman
Show manager: Romi Ginzburg

Studio Zehava & Jack