Jeremy Alberge | Noam” Beatrice Larrivée | “She looks like she’d be an animal in bed”

Jeremy Alberge | “Noam” &  Beatrice Larrivée | ר”She looks like she’d be an animal in bed”

“NOAM” combines strength and fragility; exploring notions of gender, innocent love and childhood. The choreographer aims to create intimacy between the dancers, moving away from familiar romantic relations; establishing rather a dialogue between woman and man that ressembles brother and sister. Noam won First Prize at the choreographic contest “Les Lendemains qui Dansent”, January 2023 in France.

“She looks like she’d be an animal in bed” is a change of charge. This duet is an opportunity to share a common space and thus giving ourselves the permission to really see each other. We will be here and you will be here, watching, as if there is something else to be looked at, than the present. A work that seeks the “now” and the intimacy and infinite femininity of the “us”.

Jeremy Alberge was born in 1992 in Paris.
 In 2009, he won the French championship of Electro Dance. 
From 2013 until 2015, Jeremy studied at the Junior Ballet Geneva From 2015 until 2017, he worked with Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company. Between 2017 and 2020 Jeremy worked with Vertigo Dance Company. In 2019, he performed « The Hill » and «  « Boys » by Roy Assaf’s works. Since 2020, he is collaborating with Adi Boutrous on his latest piece “One More Thing” The same year he restaged Janus by Vertigo Dance Company in Kassle Staastheater. Jeremy is developing his on choreographic work since 2021 in France and in Europe.

Beatrice was  Born in Kuujuaq, Québec, Béatrice Larrivée is a performance artist and creator. She danced with Batsheva Dance Company ‘The Young Ensemble’ between 2018-2020 and is a certified Gaga teacher. Since then, she has been a freelance dancer and has worked with choreographers like Bosmat Nossan, Dana Gingras, Shahar Binyamini, Lior Tavori, Nimrod Freed, Noa Zuk, Ohad Fishof and César Brodermann.

Part 1 : Length: 20 minutes
Choreographer : Jérémy Alberge
Performers : Océane Robin, Jeremy Alberge
Music edit : Jérémy Alberge
Composers : Jean Sebastian Bach
Photographer :Noam : Grégoire Malandain & Sarah Salazar .

Part 2 : Length: 20 minutes 
Choreographer: Béatrice Larrivée 
Performers: Béatrice Larrivée, Noa Lee Ashkenazi 
Original music: Morgan Bobrow-Williams 
Costume design: Gon Biran 

Photographer : Adi Admoni

Studio Ora
Studio Ora