Jerusalem Dance Theater – When I’ll grow to be young

The show “When I’ll grow to be young” is a dance theater show inspired by the writings of Janusz Korczak – Chapters from his diary, and excerpts from the stories “Hershele and the Crazy Rabbi” and “Astrique”. The show combines the art of dance, theater and video art and tells the story of Korczak from World War I to his death alongside his students.

Artistic director: Eyal Nahum | Choreography: tamara Mielnik | Dancers: Anatoly Shenfeld, Maya Popova, Maxime Bordelsoules, Angus Hall, Oshrat Katya Ziv, Jordan Conrad Burton Actor: Jonatan Ben Haim | Photographer: Shalom Buaron and Kfir Bolotin

Dellal Hall
80 - 100₪