Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble | The Silent Caravan Premiere

Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble | The Silent Caravan

The new choreographic work of Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino is nourished from the ancient idea of ​​the “Journey” not only as a physical action involving strength and ability, but also as a metaphor towards another place that cannot always be reached or maybe does not exist.

The work springs from a photo exhibition the Silent Caravan of several site specific sculptures by the artist Dani Karavan. The images become the aesthetic source from which content and form are drawn. The body and its emotional world are at the center of the photos, perceiving the vibrations of the changing body, moving towards light, shadow and various surfaces.

The Silent Caravan, a word-play on the name Dani Karavan, brings the two choreographers into a metaphysical and theatrical world where the landscape merges nature and the dancing body, giving life to a world where time becomes visual and creates mute perspectives full of existential meaning.


Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino have been living and working in Israel since 2013 and have a rich experience in the field of dance spanning more than 20 years across Europe, the US, and Israel. Since 2002 they have been directors of “The Roof -TanzRaum” a dance center in Duisburg, Germany where they are guest artists of the city and the modern sculpture museum Lehmbruck. In their collaborative works there is a strong emphasis on “place,” the arena in which things take place. In recent years, a large part of their pieces have been made in and for public spaces, in cooperation with architects and photographers. One of their leading projects since 2009 is the duet At Your Place, which brings dance to people’s homes, classrooms, offices, and other spaces where intimacy allows a different observation of the movement.
Avi Kaiser worked closely with Susanna Linke as a dancer and choreographer for 15 years. He created works in Canada, the United States, Senegal, the Paris and Zurich Opera. The French Ministry of Culture awarded him the title of Professor of Contemporary Dance based on his international authority in this field.
Sergio Antonino has been invited to create at the Venice Biennale, won the Sakharov Prize, and created several works for the prestigious Paolo Grassi National School in Milan. He received his master’s degree in the history of art at the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

Concept,choreography and performance: Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino
Sound: Inbal Duschy
Photography: Sharon Zindany and Sahvit Vos 

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