Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble | The Silent Caravan

Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble | The Silent Caravan

The new choreographic work of Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino is nourished from the ancient and topical idea of ​​”the Journey”, not only as a physical action involving our strength and ability, but also as a metaphor towards “another” place that cannot always be reached and maybe does not exist.

The starting point for this project is a photo exhibition around some of Dani Caravan’s works that opened in Germany last March. The images have become the aesthetic source from which content and form are drawn. The body and its emotional world are at the center of the photos, perceiving the vibrations of the changing body and moving towards light, shadow, and various surfaces.

As a word game on the artist’s name, “The Silent Caravan” brings the two choreographers, into a metaphysical and theatrical world, where the landscape, the nature and the dancing body merge to give life to a series of movements and situations, where time becomes visual and creates mute perspectives full of existential meaning.

Concept,choreography and performance: Avi Kaiser Sergio Antonino

Sound: Inbal Duschy

Artistic advisor: Sally Anne Friedland

Visual design- Dalit Inbar

Photography: Sharon Zindany

Yaron Yerushalmi Studio