Kamea dance company – Bamidbar Devarim

Bamidbar Devarim (Desert of Things) by Tamir Ginz

After all his previous works dealt with episodes from his inner life, Tamir Ginz has turned outwards this time, to the desert’s physical and human landscape as a source of inspiration. The work exists in open space, in a wilderness full of strength, quiet and mystery, but also wild and primeval, in which laws free of urban strictures apply. The work is a meeting between the west-and east, inspired by the desert’s physical and human landscape, the individual and the “tribe”, in which impulses and desires are free of urban conventions.

The work originally premiered in 2014 and received high acclaim from the critics and audiences alike, it is restaged for Kamea's repertoire in 2019.

Choreography: Tamir Ginz
Original Music: Avi Belleli
Costumes: Anna Mirkin
Stage and lighting design: Shay Yehudai
“Sometimes it all seems surreal to return to the subject of the desert these days but good dancers, professional choreography born from a place of love, perhaps allow for a few moments of pleasure of watching high quality dance that clears the mind” Ruth Eshel, “Haaretz” The Israeli National Newspaper
Dellal Hall
110 - 140₪