Kamea Dance Company – Marco Goecke & Johan Inger: Legends

KAMEA DANCE COMPANY is proud to present
MARCO GOECKE & JOHAN INGER: LEGENDS  Unforgettable works by master choreographers THIN SKIN by MARCO GOECKE Marco Goecke’s choreography “Thin Skin” is a tribute to the punk rock icon and poet Patti Smith, who already made music history with her first album “Horses” (1975). Ten years after he first choreographed Smith’s song “Godspeed” in his piece “Ickyucky” for the Stuttgart Noverre Society, Goecke transformed this and five other compositions by the Godmother of Punk into dance. RAIN DOGS by JOHAN INGER It starts to rain. A dog, curious and self-confident. With its sense of smell, moves beyond its usual boundaries, discovering what lives far away. He suddenly can’t find his way back, the rain has washed away every trace. This metaphor is the starting point. A world where Inger explores relationships, identity and gender. Systems that we as individuals try and comply with, as well as rebel against, all set to the music and voice of Tom Waits

In 2002 Ginz founded KAMEA Dance Company with Daniella Schapira. He has been the resident choreographer and became sole artistic director since 2014. Ginz work combines an intriguing dance movement style and a personal statement that produce strong dramatic pieces. His works moved audiences worldwide.

Choreography, Costumes and Stage: Marco Goecke
Staging: Giovanni Di Palma
Lighting: Udo Haberland
Dramaturgy: Nadja Kadel

Choreography, Costumes and Set design: Johan Inger
Staging: Carl Inger
Music: Tom Waits
Light design: Peter Lundin

Potography: Regina Brocke, Bengt Wanselius

Dellal Hall
105 - 140₪