Kamea Dance Company – Matthäus-Passion-2727

Is humanity still aching, confused, lamenting and waiting for The Messiah? Are we prepared for The One?

An international ballet production, inspired by the creation of J. S. Bach, which is considered sacred for the Christian world.
As an Israeli Jewish choreographer, son of Holocaust survivors, I aim to build a bridge through this choreography between nations and religions. In this new world, where everyone is Jesus and Jesus is one of us…. “”
Announced as a “breathtaking evening of dance”, the performance is quick to prove itself to be a total artwork. Everything fits perfectly, and the audience is enchained for an hour and a half
O-Ton Culture Magazine, Germany

Performance length: 80 minutes

* Recommended for age 16 plus * Includes full nudity.

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Idea: Wolfgang Kläsener
Conductor and musical director: Werner Ehrhardt
Choir: Kantorei Barmen-Gemarke / Conductor: Wolfgang Kläsener / Wuppertal
Orchestra: l’arte del mondo / Conductor: Werner Ehrhardt / Leverkusen
Costumes: Limor Hershko Dror
Set and stage: Adam Keller
Lighting design and sculptural lighting: Yaron Abulafia

Produced in cooperation with Bayer Kultur 2017.

*The performance is danced to an original recorded soundtrack by l’arte Del Mondo /
Conductor: Werner Ehrhardt / Leverkusen

Dellal Hall
120 - 160₪