Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2 – MEאני( Who Am I) By Léa Bessoudo Greck

אניME (‘Who Am I’) is an introspective exploration of that idea: who are we really once all the external definitions and things are stripped away. Movement is fundamental in our process of identity development. As it is the case from the first moment of any human being life. By using movement, we can expand our thinking and explore this unknown.
This piece gives access to both children and adults to reflect on this subject.

Performed by KCDC 2
Artistic Director: Rami Be’er
Choreography: Léa Bessoudo Greck
Light Design: Léa Bessoudo Greck, Lior Cohen
Costume Design: Gaëlle Van Lierde
Sound Editing: Eyal Dadon
Sound Design: Léa Bessoudo Greck
Photography: Michal Vach

Dellal Hall
115 - 149₪