Kolben Dance – TR[app]ED

TR[APP]ED – an entertaining and energetic creation that talks to … your mobile.
A theater and dance show about us within the world of social networks.
TR[APP]ED exposes the audience to the images of a contemporary digital space and reflects to us a complex reality that is unfolding before our eyes at this very moment.
The work moves between different levels of reality when at it's heart it reminds us that we are human beings who need human connection within the digital space to which we are so attracted and from which we are thrown.
Because we've never been so connected, and maybe we've never been so lonely.

By: Amir Kolben
Lighting Design: Shay Yehudai
Media Design: Amir Kolben/Fika Magarik
Costume Design: Inbal ben Zaken
Stage and Sound Design: Amir Kolben
Dancers/collaborators: Yael Aviram, Ayala Aviram, Laureline Andrei, Mor Birger, Sonia Zwolska, Harel Grazutis, Simon Gnagy, Patrick de Haan
Company Manager and Rehearsal Director: Michal Hirsch, Noa Rosenthal
Photography: Rotem Barak, Eli Katz

Dellal Hall
110 - 140₪