Limor Goldstein – Intimate

For the 1st time, the actress, Limor Goldstein, comes out with an intimate, touching and amusing evening.
Limor conducts a direct dialogue with the crowd about her life story , behind the scenes reality and the tension between.
Her real life stories – about the partner who broke her heart having to share the stage with him every night, the show in which she fell for her husband, playing an attractive single woman while 9 months pregnancy and many more… Intervened with famous monologues out of her leading theatre roles – Lysistrata, The Rebels, Chapter B, Filumena Marturano and more.
All blended together to create a maturing woman story mixed with an actress and theatre love affair.

Limor Goldstein:
An actress, Tel Aviv University BA graduate.
Leading Theatre roles: The Rebels, The Comedy of Errors, Lysistrata, Filumena Marturano, Warm Family / Anat Gov and more…
Television: "Rosh Gadol ", "Mishpaha Va'hetzi", "Shababnikim", Stockholm and more…
Cinema: "Tehilim"( Cannes Film Festival), Melting Away, Intimate Grammar and more…
Hosting: The Official Torch Lighting Ceremony, Designing Culture (Channel 10)

Alon Ophir:
An actor, Theatre director, Beit Zvi graduate.
Theatre: Amadeus, Three Sisters, Madame Butterfly, Grease, The Rebels, The Jewish Dog and more…
Dubbing: The Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Bambi, Lion King and more…
Directing: Visiting Mr. Green, Chapter B, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, The Indian Sick, The Mother in Law and more…

Arnon Friedman, pianist, composer and a singer. A.S.M.M Paris graduate. Performs with his band "ArnonShalantim"

Writing & Acting: Limor Goldstein
Directing & Musical Editor: Alon Ophir
Musical Accompaniment & Singing: Arnon Friedman

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall