Lior Tavori – MARS | And Over Again

2 Dance works by Lior Tavori

MARS – Premiere
There is no guidebook on this planet
There are rules I had to learn
All alone
I made the adjustments
I measured the distances
Today I am erasing the boundaries

MARS was created for "Curtain Up" dance festival. Artistic Directors: Dana Ruttenberg, Oded Graf

And Over Again
A dance Piece that deals with bereavement and takes place in the memory of all of us, with war in the background. Skipping between the living room and the battlefield, playing with time. From here to there, again and again. You want to forget, you're trying to repress, you're waiting for the brain to pass the order to the body, but it does not happen.

The pain is absorbed in you humbly. As a habit. As life. 

Choreography: Lior Tavori
Dancers: Ori Moshe Ofri, Amit Marsino, Reches Itzhaki, Tamar Levi, Shahar Berner, Noam Segal
Customes Design: Harel Lissman
Sound Design: Reut Yehudai
Rehearsal Director: Einat Betsalel
Lighting Design: Ofer Laufer
Poster Design: Guy Jacob Israeli
Photos: Yair Meyuhas

Dellal Hall